Sydney is just wild about Harry, Prince Harry, that is.

A huge crowd outside the Opera House screamed out his name, posed for selfies with him, and one lucky primary teacher even got a royal hug.

The meet-and-greet wrapped up the Prince’s month-long secondment with the Australian Defence Force.

Rachel Liang reports.


Prince Harry arrived at the Opera House by boat and was welcomed by New South Wales Premier Mike Baird.

Formalities over, the Prince made a beeline for schoolchildren sitting on the steps, and they loved it.

Then he spied the second graders’ teacher and called her up to the front of her class.

With some encouragement from the kids, Harry gave her a surprise cuddle.

Then he moved across to the hundreds of royal fans waiting behind barriers.

He shook lots of hands.

He stopped for photos.

One girl wearing a plastic crown stole a kiss from the Prince.

Victoria McCrae, Royal Fan: “I just said, it was the third time I proposed. Put a girl out of her misery. He said could he think about it and I said ‘oh well, I’d be happy with a kiss’ and so he let me kiss him on the cheek but I went in for it.”

And everyone, it seemed, wanted to catch his attention.

Harry told the crowd he’s really enjoyed his time down under.

Prince Harry: “Oh, it’s been fantastic. Actually, it was really nice to have a chance to speak to members of the public as opposed to being locked in and working hard.”

The Prince heads to New Zealand next before returning home in mid-May when he’ll finally meet his newborn niece, Princess Charlotte.

Rachel Liang, QUT News.