Queensland’s Chief Justice has withdrawn from making judgment in an appeal by the convicted murderer of Daniel Morcombe.

Justice Tim Carmody had been accused of potential bias by the defence.

But at the start of today’s court proceedings, Justice Carmody ended what he called a “bizarre sideshow.”

Jess Lodge reports.


Last year, Brett Peter Cowan was convicted of murdering the Sunshine Coast 13 year old.

He then lodged two appeals.

His lawyers wanted Justice Carmody disqualified from delivering the appeal judgment.

They argued there was perceived bias after he met with child protection advocate, Hetty Johnston.

Bruce and Denise Morcombe were cynical of the lawyers’ motives.

Bruce Morcombe: “What is this all about? Is it about fair justice for Mr Cowan, or it is the profile of certain legal-eagles, or is it in fact an angry spat between a couple of judges and professionals in that industry that should know better?”

Denise Morcombe: “All these judges and lawyers and barristers need to realise that they’re talking about a young boy that was murdered, not arguments between themselves.”

Justice Carmody said he made his decision to prevent any delay in justice for the Morcombes.

Jess Lodge, QUT News.