The Mater Children’s Hospital has unveiled its new paediatric facility for sick kids.

The 20-bed ward will work with the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to provide the very best in patient care.

Chloe Brice reports.


Children decorated cupcakes and had their faces painted as they celebrated the new state-of-the-art children’s wing.

Dr John O’Donnell, Mater Health Services CEO: “The Mater Children’s Private is the only one of its type in that in Australia it’s the only licensed private children’s hospital. We offer a range of services, surgical services, day surgery.”

Six year old Mitchel Vaughan had the honour of cutting the ribbon and enjoyed some of the entertainment on offer.

Mitchel Vaughan, Patient: “I think the iPads are really good and the playroom outside is really fun.”

The new wing gives patients and their families a comfortable home away from home.

Jason Vaughan, Patient’s father: “I think just the facilities, it’s great, it’s all new, spacious, quiet. You can get a good nights sleep and it doesn’t matter what’s happening with other children in other rooms.”

The 20-bed inpatient ward and 16-bed day unit house an impressive range of specialist services including orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery.

Dr John O’Donnell, Mater Health Services CEO: “The Mater Children’s private will cater for about ten thousand patients a year who would otherwise, if it wasn’t for this hospital, would finish up in the public sector system.”

This private hospital is a stand alone facility but will work with Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital next door to ensure their young patients receive the best care and a peaceful environment for kids like Mitchell to recover.

Chloe Brice, QUT News.