Shock changes today in Australia’s main minority party, The Greens.

Leader Christine Milne announced her resignation.

Richard Di Natale was elected unopposed, as the new leader.

And Adam Bandt became a casualty of the party’s vote, losing his spot as Deputy.

Deon Savage reports.


Christine Milne informed her colleagues of the decision early today.

Then emerged to tweet the surprise news.

The Greens party room convened and installed first-term MP Richard Di Natale as their third leader in three years.

Christine Milne, Former Greens Leader: “Richard brings a lot of experience and will be a wonderful asset for the Greens.”

But her deputy, Adam Bandt, was dumped to make way for Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters as co-deputies.

Ms Milne’s had a long and illustrious career, the last three years as Greens leader.

And the tributes came swiftly.

Richard Di Natale, Greens Leader: “She has been an incredible source of support for all of us, she’s worked tirelessly over the past 25 years that she’s been in political life.”

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “It takes a great deal of commitment and patriotism to offer to serve in the parliament and to serve in senior levels as Christine Milne has done.”

Her career is bookmarked with successful campaigns, including a fight against the proposed Wesley Vale Pulp Mill and the renewable energy fund.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “I haven’t always agreed with every policy shes had or every positions she taken, but I can certainly respect the conviction and the passions of which she has advanced her issues.”

The soon-to-be grandmother is excited about spending more time with family in Tasmania.

Joe Hockey has a message for the incoming leader.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “Please, please offer us some bi-partisan work, bi-partisan support in the senate.”

Mr Di Natale has pledged his party will keep doing what they’ve been doing.

Deon Savage, QUT News.