Angry garbos blockaded the SBS this morning.

They were protesting a new documentary which has been accused of poking fun at western Sydney residents.

Chris Thompson reports.


Blacktown garbage trucks were on the warpath today.

Their target, SBS headquarters.

A new documentary series filmed by the broadcaster has enraged residents of Mt Druitt, a suburb in Blacktown.

They claim “Struggle Street” ‘engineered’ scenes to treat residents with contempt and that it depicts them as losers.

Truck driver: “I love Mt Druitt! Mt Druitt’s number one!”

Mayor Steven Bali says the blockade of garbage trucks, represented the ‘rubbish’ SBS plans to televise.

Steven Bali, Blacktown Mayor: “We have a lot of positive stories, a lot of Olympians have come out of here, a lot of TV personalities, et cetera, have come from this city. And then you’ve got this trash program attacking us which is unrelated to reality.”

In a radio interview, SBS denied the series makes light of problems faced by disadvantaged Australians.

Helen Kellie, SBS Chief content officer: “We don’t editorialise it particularly, we let the camera do the talking and let people tell their own stories.”

The network refused to bow to the community pressure, confirming the first episode will air, as planned, at 8.30 tonight.

Chris Thompson, QUT News.