A vibrant urban art project commissioned by Cirque du Soleil has been completed.

Four pillars alongside Coronation Drive are now adorned with murals inspired by Cirque’s latest show Totem.

Laura Dixon reports.


The Lord Mayor couldn’t resist putting the final touches on the murals this morning.

Reporter “What’s it like to be a vandal?”

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor “Oh no, this is authorised art.”

The artwork was inspired by Cirque Du Soleil’s production Totem, which is in Brisbane at the moment.

The Lord Mayor says they will brighten the day of commuters passing by.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor “It just adds colour and excitement to our city.”

Local artist Matt Stewart brought it all to life.

Matt Stewart, Artist “To bring their artistic talent to pillars with paint is something that I definitely loved doing.”

These four pillars represent four major characters of Cirque Du Soleil’s Totem and will hopefully lead to more authorised art in Brisbane.

Laura Dixon, QUT News.