Firefighters in Adelaide believe a blaze in a recycling dump could burn for days and carry toxic smoke over the city.

The fire is contained but strong winds are still fanning the flames.

Chloe Brice reports.


When Firefighters arrived at the Wingfield waste depot overnight they found a large pile of recycled mulch in flames and the weather working against them.

Rainer Keissaang, SA Metropolitan Fire Service:”We’re obviously operating under some fairly adverse conditions, severe wind and obviously with the smoke it makes it very hard for us to attack it from the downwind.”

Throughout the day the strong winds carried the toxic fumes across Adelaide, and into traffic on a major thoroughfare from the northern suburbs to the port.

Investigators are not yet sure what started the fire.

Rainer Keissaang, SA Metropolitan Fire Service: “No cause at this time, certainly nothing to be suspicious about as far as we’re concerned.”

Late today the fire was still smouldering.

Firefighters believe it could burn in the centre of the pile for days triggering asthma and breathing problems for locals.

In Sydney today, the problem was fog not smoke.

A thick layer descended on the city before dawn, causing long delays for international and domestic flights and trouble on the roads.

But for many it was also a picture opportunity.

VOX 1: “Beautiful light and colours and silhouettes and eerie feelings. It’s just unbelievable.”

The fog burnt off by mid morning leaving a clear sunny day.

Chloe Brice, QUT News.