The first real sittings of the Queensland Parliament since Labor won power in January got underway today.

And there was attack and counter attack by both major parties.

But the former Labor MP and now controversial independent Billy Gordon stole much of the limelight, hitting out at what he called an unethical media.

Chris Thompson reports.


All eyes were on controversial independent MP Billy Gordon as parliament began.

The member for Cook wanted to clear up allegations that he had failed to pay child maintenance.

He claimed a child support officer led him to believe that his payments were up to date.

Billy Gordon, Member for Cook: “On the 24th of March I paid the amount that I understand, from the 20th of March phone conversation, that was outstanding.”

Mr Gordon lashed out at what he called the ugly force of the media over the allegations, claiming he hadn’t deliberately mislead the parliament.

But opposition leader Lawrence Springborg wasn’t impressed.

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition Leader: “There were certainly many unanswered questions for the Premier and the member for Cook, with regards to certain concerning allegations that had been raised at the time.”

The Premier, on the other hand, repeated her attacks on the opposition for releasing documents that identified Mr Gordon’s children.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier: “Circulating confidential documents involving the member for Cook’s children. That’s your record. It is absolutely disgraceful and its absolutely despicable.”

The Billy Gordon scandal wasn’t the only hot topic today, Labor’s focus on job creation was a point of contention and both parties were adamant they’d done the most to lower hospital wait times.

New Speaker Peter Wellington was keen to stamp his authority during outbursts from both sides.

Parliament will sit again tomorrow.

Chris Thompson, QUT News.