One of the world’s most prestigious science festivals is coming to Brisbane.

The event has never been held outside of New York before, and its hoped it will boost business and scientific research here.

Jorgia White reports.


The Queensland Government has entered into an exclusive six-year deal with the prestigious World Science Festival.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “This will be a great opportunity to showcase our science endeavours here in Queensland, but also to make sure we encourage young students to get involved in science.”

The festival brings scientific celebrities from all over the world together, and will be held at the South Bank Cultural Precinct.

Organisers hope it will motivate young people to fall in love with science and consider it as a career.

Suzanne Miller, CEO & Director of Qld Museum: “There’s extraordinary science and research happening here, we don’t want to lose that, we want to build on that and create the scientists, the engineers, the explorers of the future.”

Professor Miller says Australia is perfectly positioned to lead the globe in the creation of new technology with new jobs and opportunities.

In the most recent statistics from the Australian Bureau, science made up only 16 per cent of tertiary enrollments, although this has grown in comparison to previous statistics it still remains as one of the lowest.

And yet Australia is a world leader in many areas of scientific research.

The festival promoting this will run for a week in March next year.

Jorgia White, QUT News.