Despite the terrible weather Brisbane has been celebrating Buddha’s Birthday.

He was born more than 2,500 years ago, and followers have been commemorating that for almost two decades at South Bank.

Rex Lee reports.


Thousands of Buddhists are expected to honour the founder of their religion over the next three days.

And they aren’t worried about the weather.

There will be red-lantern lines and dance performances.

Wharf Smith, Market Director: “It typifies what’s Brisbane’s all about, about bringing people together, bringing culture together and celebrating.”

Buddhists come to pray at the festival and bathe Buddha’s statue.

It symbolises the washing of negative thoughts from the mind.

The festival helps unite cultures.

Alison Hartman, Visitor: “It’s really good, it’s great to get involve, you know experience activities you not normally could experience.”

And it has captured the imagination of school students.

Ivy Smith, Student: “I feel like excited because it’s going to be really fun.”

They are keen to learn about Buddhist beliefs and the culture of those who follow those beliefs.

Regardless of the weather, organisers encourage people to come join this celebration over the next two days, it will finish with a big firework on Sunday night.

Rex Lee, QUT News.