A new forum to discuss national laws for truck drivers met for the first time today in Brisbane.

The aim is to increase road safety by having consistent laws throughout Australia.

Gabrielle Copp reports.


The group called the National Compliance and Enforcement Operations Forum convened this morning bringing together representatives from different states and other law enforcement agencies with a common goal.

They’re looking to make Australian roads safer for the drivers of heavy vehicles and ultimately all road users.

Sal Petroccitto, CEO National Heavy Vehicle Regulator: “We can’t afford to lose people, life is precious, we need to do everything as governments and regulators to ensure that the right measures are in place.”

Regulations previously differed between states the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator was established in February last year to bring in consistency.

The forum will focus on a number of issues such as logbooks, and drug and alcohol testing.

The various jurisdictions and agencies will work together over the next twelve months.

They say it’s hard to know how long it will be before any changes to legislation are implemented.

Some industry workers admit the current legislation is definitely in need of review.

Rob Hay, Truck driver: “You work out that you’re going to be at a certain truck stop at a certain time, and you get there and you find bang, it’s full of caravans and you can’t get in. You might have a 30 minute drive and you’re breaking the law.”

The national regulator says its not worried about a negative response.

Sal Petroccitto, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator: “We’ll get some opposition, but my view is that those that have some opposition might have something to hide.”

Gabrielle Copp, QUT News.