A vibrant urban art project has been commissioned by Cirque du Soleil’s brand new show, Totem.

The street art is inspired by the vivid colours and extravagant costumes and it’s coming to life beneath the Go Between bridge.

Crimson Dunstan reports.


Colour was added to Coronation Drive’s blank concrete canvas for what is set to be Brisbane’s newest urban art installation.

Cirque du Soleil’s project is a gift to the city.

Francis Jalbert, Totem Publicist: “For us it’s an amazing opportunity to be able to leave something to the city of Brisbane. When people come and see the show, they have emotions, they’re inspired, their moved, but to be able to leave something concrete, we’re really happy with that.”

Brisbane is Cirque du Soleil’s most popular Australian location with the most ticket sales.

The City Council is keen to stress it’s not graffiti as the company’s background is in street performance.

Amanda Cooper, Chair of Neighbourhood Planning and Development Assessment: “This is something that is really adding to the beauty of our city. It’s a street-scape gallery that we’re really excited about.”

Taking inspiration from Totem’s striking set and costume design the artwork is bound to turn heads.

Matt Stewart, Contemporary fine artist: “Hopefully this is a platform to launch more street art in Brisbane and it’s great that the council has been involved in that and hopefully that is that platform to move forward.”

The mural is set for completion by May 6.

The show will run until April 24th with sell-out crowds expected.

Cirque du Soleil leaving behind their very own piece of Totem for Brisbane.

Crimson Dunstan, QUT News.