The Fire Service is rolling out new decontamination units to help them respond to chemical or biosecurity incidents.

It means Queenslanders will be better protected.

Samuel Li reports.


It’s an important new piece of equipment for our firefighters.

Michael Logan, QFES Scientific Branch Director: “They can be used for rehabilitating firefighters, other emergency respondents or supporting a response on behalf of the emergency service to natural disasters.”

The decontamination units can generate their own power and carry their own water.

And showers can be provided within two minutes of arriving at the scene.

Jo-Ann Miller, Qld Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister: “It was designed by Queenslanders and it was made by Queenslanders, and there is now interstate and international interests in this particular unit.”

The new Queensland designed and built facility will help the fire service respond more quickly and provide increased safety in major incidents.”

The units were first used during the G20 summit in Brisbane.

Michael Logan, QFES Scientific Branch Director: “Everything we do today makes us better prepared to manage an emergency compared to yesterday, and tomorrow we’ll be even better prepared, so we’re always trying improve our preparedness right across Queensland.”

The units will now be rolled out across the state.

Samuel Li, QUT News.