School lessons were a little bit different for some Ipswich kids this morning.

And they weren’t shy about putting their hands up to volunteer, all in the name of safety.

Rex Lee reports.


Students at Churchill State School learnt a lot about road safety today.

RACQ’s ‘Streets Ahead’ program shows primary kids how to be safe on their bikes, when they walk, or ride in a car.

It also gives them new skills and strategies.

Karina Halliday, RACQ Education Officer: “We believe the students need to be know about road safety, we give them short, sharp messages they can take home.”

Young groups learn how to cross a road, and when it it safe to do so.

Older groups learn the importance of responsible road behaviours.

This program doesn’t only teach the school kids knowledge of road safety, but also gives them practice for the real life.

And the kids love it!

Student, Churchill State School: “I learnt how to ride your bike safely.”

Student, Churchill state School: “We need our wrist pads, our knee pads, our elbow pads, and helmet.”

The RACQ takes their safety messages to schools around Queensland.

Karina Halliday, RACQ Education Officer: “We do around the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and regional area as well.”

There is more information about introducing children to road safety on the RACQ website.

Rex Lee, QUT News.