Divers are taking the plunge into their last training sessions ahead of the Australian Open Championships this weekend.

It’s an important event on the diving calendar doubling as a selection process for our national team.

Melanie Tomic reports.


Olympic gold medallist Matthew Mitcham was supposed to retire from diving after winning gold at last year’s Commonwealth Games.

But Diving Australia convinced him to put off his retirement for another shot at the the 2016 Olympics.

Mitcham has trained tirelessly for only one month, after suffering a severe elbow injury.

Matthew Mitcham, Diver: “The improvement between how I was training in Sydney and how I’m training here this week has been really remarkable, so I’m kind of feeling really good.”

Mitcham is completing his final training and preparations at the Chandler Aquatic Centre in Brisbane.

He hopes to qualify for the World Aquatics Championships in Russia this August, but his ultimate goal is to compete at next year’s Olympics in Brazil.

Matthew Mitcham, Diver: “I am here competing here with the focus to qualify for Rio next year and even though I don’t qualify for Rio in this competition, this is one of the stepping stones

Even though the Olympics are still two years away, this weekend’s competition is an important link for Matthew on the road to Rio.

Fellow Olympians like Melissa Wu also hope to secure a spot in the national team at this weekend’s event.

Melanie Tomic, QUT News.