Supporters of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran remained hopeful for a reprieve until the very last moment.

Vigils were held across Australia and in Cilicap overnight.

Gabrielle Copp reports.


Around Australia, supporters of the Bali 9 duo gathered in the final hours leading up to the pair’s execution.

The largest vigil was in Sydney.

Friends and family of the condemned men, shared their stories and sense of loss.

Andrew Raggeevam, Myuran’s cousin: “I’m terrified, I’m frustrated, I’m scared, I really don’t know what’s going on.”

Greg Hatton, Andrew Chan’s friend: “He’d say to me, you know man, I’d really love to do this over a beer, that’d be really cool, And I’d say to him, one day Andy, one day mate, and President Widodo’s going to make a liar out of me tonight.”

When the news of the deaths arrived, around 3:30 this morning our time, there was grief and shock.

Friend: “In the ten years that this has been going on, I’ve never once wavered in my hope. But today I’m struggling.”

Some said Australia must change it’s approach to the war on drugs.

Geoffrey Robertson QC, Human Rights Lawyer: “The Australian federal police should not collaborate with the Indonesian drugs authorities.”

And in Brisbane, Federal MP, Clive Palmer vowed to introduce a Private Member’s Bill to prevent the execution of more Australians overseas.

The deaths of Chan and Sukumaran have taken the number of narcotics prisoners murdered by Indonesia this year to 14.

Forty more are waiting on death row.

Gabrielle Copp, QUT News.