Prime Minister Tony Abbott says there will be serious consequences following the Bali Nine executions.

He has already announced his Government is withdrawing the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia.

There is now added pressure for Australia to commit to further retaliatory measures, including tourism and business boycotts.

Heidi Sheehan reports.


The Prime Minister has labelled the executions cruel and unnecessary.

Mr Abbott says Indonesia’s decision to go ahead with the killings, despite worldwide outrage, was regrettable.

The killing of the Bali Nine duo has sparked a strong response from the Australian Government, with Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, this morning announcing the decision to withdraw the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “It is very unusual, indeed unprecedented for an ambassador to be withdrawn, so I don’t want to minimise the gravity of what we’ve done.”

Australia gives $600 million in aid to the nation annually.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister: “Any announcement in relation to the aid budget will be made at budget time.”

The opposition has also condemned the executions.

Tanya Plibersek, Deputy Leader of the Opposition: “And it’s a sentence, not just for these two young boys, but for everyone that loves them.”

The political anger was widespread.

Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator: “Only a pathetically weak President would seek to execute these men in order to prop-up his domestic political standing.”

Kevin Andrews, Federal Defence Minister: “I think this is a deliberate, educated snub of Australia.”

Mr Abbott acknowledged it’s a dark moment for Australia’s relationship with Indonesia, but says Australians shouldn’t take it personally.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “The relationship between Australia and Indonesia remains important, will always be important, will become more important as time goes by.”

Despite this, this afternoon it was reported that some Australians are cancelling their travel plans to Bali.

Heidi Sheehan, QUT News.