The state government is launching a public inquiry into Queensland’s electricity prices.

They’ve deferred any price deregulation for 12 months.

Giving the new Queensland Productivity Commission time to complete its first task.

Gabrielle Copp reports.


The government says it’s delivering an election promises to review economic issues.

So a public inquiry will look at electricity prices and take submissions from the public business and industry.

Curtis Pitt, Treasurer: “In terms of Queensland’s economic future, we want to make sure that we are getting advice from other sources.”

And some residents were keen to give that advice telling the energy minister they’re doing it tough.

Vox 1: “We do a lot of our cooking on the barbecue outside.”

Electricity prices have gone up 43% in the last three years.

The previous government was to deregulate the industry but that’s now on hold and a the Labor Government inquiry will begin in July.

Consumers aren’t sure what it will achieve.

Pam Long: “We fear they’re going to go up even more so and we are suspicious of what’s in the future for us.”

The minister can’t guarantee the inquiry will lead to lower electricity prices for consumers. Rather, he says they’re working towards better outcomes.”

But the Opposition says there are no winners in the Labor Government’s plan.

John-Paul Langbroek, Deputy Opposition Leader: “Just another blow to Queenslanders who are already struggling under increasing electricity prices.”

It will be at least ten months before the inquiry is complete.

Gabrielle Copp, QUT News.