Guide Dogs can go anywhere and now, it’s never been easier than catching a taxi.

Today, Yellow Cabs launched a new improved service for those with special needs.

Roxanne Jeynes reports.


It’s international guide dog day tomorrow with a theme ‘Guide Dogs can go anywhere’ and today Yellow Cabs were keen to prove it.

With the help of Guide Dogs Queensland they are training their drivers to better help the vision impaired and their animals.

Kimberley Nean, Guide Dog Trainer: “The key is to educate them in how to help us to safely get into the taxis so that we can then get on our way on our journey.”

The organisation wants the public to understand the challenges that Guide Dog owners face.

Everyday in Australia 28 people are diagnosed with vision loss that cannot be corrected. Nine of them will become blind.”

Bashir Ebrahim, Guide Dogs Qld: “General population, community understand what needs are for blind and vision impaired persons and that’s from crossing the road to catching a cab.”

The partnership has been a great success so far.

And it’s not all work no play with a bit of free time at the end of the training.

Marty Ord, Yellow Cabs: “My trainers get along well with the, with the staff that come along with the people from Guide Dogs Queensland that come down here and they love the dogs of course because at the end of the session they let the dog free.”

Yellow Cabs is now promoting the work of Guide Dogs Queensland with a cab decked out in its honour.

Roxanne Jeynes, QUT News.