The Billy Gordon scandal continues to dominate state politics.

Today, the LNP came under fire for releasing confidential documents about the MP’s children.

The Premier labelled the move an ‘all time low’ as she tried to turn the spotlight to the Commonwealth Games.

Heidi Sheehan reports.


It’s a construction milestone.

Nine stands that will support a 750 tonne steel velodrome to host cycling events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier: “You only have to look at the designs, the concepts to know that this will be Australia’s best velodrome when it’s completed.”

The $58 million project is set for completion in mid 2016, which will give hopeful athletes plenty of time to practice.

Daniel Fitter, Cyclist: “Having it ready this soon before the games is a very good advantage for us it gives us a lot of time to practice, to get used to it and get ready.”

A massive stepping stone to the future of cycling in Queensland.

Also on the Premier’s mind today was the latest in the Billy Gordon scandal.

This time regarding the LNP’s release of confidential documents.

The documents reveal information regarding Billy Gordon’s child support payments.

He wants the matter referred to police and the Premier agrees.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier: “If they are prepared to stoop to an all time low and start revealing confidential details, private details about children, where is it going to end?”

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg says they were never intended for publication.

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition Leader: “The increasingly strident and over the top language from Billy Gordon and the Premier today are nothing more than a smoke screen to cover the fact that they both misled the parliament a month ago.”

The matter is sure to raise its head again with Parliament resuming later this month.

Heidi Sheehan, QUT News.