The death toll after Nepal’s devastating earthquake has risen to more than 3,200, with an Australian feared among them.

More than 6,000 people are injured and aftershocks continue to jolt Kathmandu and surrounding areas in the wake of Saturday’s 7.9 magnitude earthquake.

Jorgia White reports.


There were at least 1,000 climbers and three camps attempting to climb Everest when the avalanche hit.

Missing man, Blake Penson’s mother recounts the final moment she heard from her son.

Cheryl Penson, Mother: “He said outside he could hear sheets of large ice falling down around them, they were on like a flat plateau and the avalanches were dropping around.”

Zachary Sheridan, younger brother of Packed to the Rafters star Hugh Sheridan, was also at the Everest base camp, he too is still missing.

Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, has confirmed an Australian is feared among the dead, the climber was thought to also be at the Base Camp when the avalanche hit.

It’s believed more than 350 Australians are still unaccounted for.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister: “To date we have been able to confirm the safety of more than 850 Australians.”

20-year-old Perth woman, Ballantyne Forder, was found safe, the Nepalese orphanage she was volunteering at was evacuated after the earthquake.

Megan Butler, Australian in Nepal: “It took everyone by surprise and people flooded out of the shops, the street was filled, people were grabbing each other and then we waited for it to be finished, there was just floods of people running to open spaces.”

A critical response team is on its way to Kathmandu to trace travellers and provide assistance.

Jorgia White, QUT News.