Welcome to our fourth QUT News special on the G20, the global summit that will showcase Brisbane to the world, brought to you by a team of journalism students from QUT.

As the G20 summit in Brisbane draws to a close, many people are reflecting on what has actually been achieved. While some say it has been significant others believe key issues were overlooked.

Today was also supposed to be one of the hottest we’ve seen all year. It must have been sheer luck, or coincidence that it fell on the last day of the G20 Summit when hot topics, like global warming, were being discussed.

Not everything on the agenda was serious for the G20 leaders. They took time out to enjoy light entertainment and Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, toured a key Brisbane infrastructure project with links to Italy.

Despite the heat protestors took to the streets in final G20 demonstrations. The largest was an indigenous rally where Australian flags were burned.

There’s been mixed reaction to the G20 summit and today, Whitney Angell asked the people of Brisbane their thoughts on the hits and misses of G20.

If all the G20 doom and gloom is hard for you to swallow, you can sink your teeth into a world leader inspired burger instead.

QUT News G20 Special is brought to you by Jacinta Lal, Whitney Angell, Jim Malo and Georgia Terry.