There’s been mixed reaction to the G20 summit and today, Whitney Angell asked the people of Brisbane their thoughts on the hits and misses of G20.


What’ve you thought about the G20?

VOX 1: It’s been very good, it’s been organised very well, I’ve noticed that, but that’s very inconvenient if you live around here, that’s for sure.”

VOX 2: “It’s been a bit really, barricaded, really the city’s pretty dead, but it’s been the most exciting thing that’s happened in Brisbane I think.”

VOX 3: “I think it’s pretty good, I think Obama’s talking about some good issues about the Great Barrier Reef and stuff like that.”

Do you think it’s been worth it?

VOX 4: “I think its been an awful lot of money spent on it.”

VOX 5: “You can’t take a bus anywhere, and you can’t go to, like we were supposed to go to a Koala park today, but it would have taken us like two hours to get there, usually it takes like 20 minutes.”

VOX 6: “It’s such a shame that so much money is being wasted on the G20, it could be well spent somewhere else, all this luxury for nothing, I don’t see the point in it.”