Despite the heat protestors took to the streets in final G20 demonstrations.

The largest was an indigenous rally where Australian flags were burned.

Georgia Terry reports.


The sweltering heat wasn’t enough to deter protesters from coming out in force.

Even ‘Bad Tony’ braved the 35 degree temperatures to make an appearance.

“Bad Tony”, Protester: “I really am upset with Obama.”

But it was indigenous demonstrators who were amongst the loudest voices.

PROTESTERS: “Pigs kill blacks.”

In a march from the city to Musgrave Park, they took the final opportunity to grab attention before the Summit ends.

Uncle Val, Aboriginal Elder: “The only thing we’re looking for is justice and that’s pretty much my view.”

And global recognition.

Uncle Val, Aboriginal Elder: “Hopefully in the sense that the world leaders will acknowledge what we are talking about and what really goes on.”

For other demonstrators, protesting seemed too difficult.

VOX 1: “I’m not marching in that because what’s the point when you’re marching between lines of cops.”

VOX 2: “Up until today, I’m not marching and a lot of the elders are not capable of marching.”

While the G20 is finishing up and the delegates have already started to leave, the First Nation’s response to the G20 will remain here until mid next week.

At least seven protests were planned for today, police were thankful they were as peaceful as the more than 20 events that played out yesterday.

Georgia Terry, QUT News.