If all the G20 doom and gloom is hard for you to swallow, you can sink your teeth into a world leader inspired burger instead.

Jim Malo reports.


As the President of the United States, Barack Obama is what you’d call a big guy.

A couple of chefs around Brisbane think they’ve done him justice with some big burgers.

The President can find his burger likeness at Alfred and Constance in the Valley and Pony Dining at Eagle Street.

Pony’s offering a smokey southern-style burger which they hope will catch Obama’s attention.

Chris Mann, Sous Chef Pony Dining: “Hopefully, we’ll see if he comes in, I’ll let you know.”

And if you really want the ultimate Obama burger, Alfred and Constance have just the thing for you.

Jordan Dickson, Sous Chef Alfred & Constance: “Just did a bit of research about Barack himself, he’s obviously from Hawaii, bit of tropical with the pineapple there.”

To wash it all down, they’re offering another tropical delight, the Big O Pina Colada.

The U.S. President isn’t the only world leader who got the burger treatment, if you’re after something a little more controversial you can head on down to Burger Urge for the Big Bad Vlad.

This burger really is big and bad, there is two presidential chicken breasts, two ruthless rashers of bacon, thick cut KGB style chips, two oppressive slices of cheese, Siberian lettuce and regular old tomato, all topped with a shirt-fronting of sweet chilli mayo.

Even with Russian warships headed towards Australia, after taking on the Big Bad Vlad, burger eaters say the real deal isn’t so scary.

VOX 1: “I’m less scared for sure, I’m ready to get him, I’m keen.”

VOX 2: “It certainly was impressive, it was strong and warm.”

If unsubtle jabs and shirt-fronting don’t get your mouth watering, you can always try another world leader cocktail.

A personal favourite is the Italian Flame of Love from Pony, while it may be an unsubtle jab at Silvio Berlusconi’s love life, it’s certainly refreshing.

Jim Malo, QUT News.