Today was supposed to be one of the hottest we’ve seen all year.

It must have been sheer luck, or coincidence that it fell on the last day of the G20 Summit when hot topics, like global warming, were being discussed.

Jim Malo reports.


This morning Brisbane was bracing to be baked.

Ilona Coote, Bureau of Meteorology: “The last time we saw a November temperature of 40 would have been in 1968, so it has been quite a while since we saw 40 degrees in November.”

While it didn’t eventuate, a much-welcomed sea-breeze blew through the city, saving us from the predicted 40 degree heat.

It was hot though.

The sun held nothing back, beating down on those brave enough to venture out.

It’s something we’ve heard a lot this weekend, Brisbane is a ghost town.

And it was certainly true for some parts of the city, popular dining streets were deserted.

There were a few people in the Queen Street Mall.

Many more were at South Bank, the beach filled with people, all trying to stay cool.

VOX 1: “It’s a bit warm, but nah it’s alright, I quite enjoy the heat actually.”

VOX 2: “It’s good to get out walking, especially to be in the presence of where we are.”

Police, some in all-out riot gear and snipers on rooftops were definitely doing it tough.

Peter Harris, Tasmanian Inspector: “It’s hot for our contingent here but we’re well hydrated and looked after by the Queensland Police. So we haven’t had any issues with the heat today.”

It must have been tough for world leaders from colder climates.

Everyone is feeling the heat in Brisbane today, including me. There is some good news on the way though. In the following week there’s going to be some lower temperatures and welcome relief.

Ilona Coote, Bureau of Meteorology: “Heading into tomorrow and Monday we’re only really expecting a top of 30 degrees. But that still above the November average.”

Jim Malo, QUT News.