It will go down in history as the Brisbane Speech.

US President Barack Obama was speaking to a select invited audience in Brisbane and had the excited audience in the palm of his hand right from the start.

Georgia Terry reports.


The packed auditorium erupted as one of the world’s most influential men walked onto stage.

Barack Obama, US President: “Hello Brisbane, it’s good to be back in Australia.”

After a few ice breakers, the crowd of thousands quietened as President Obama began his address.

Barak Obama, US President: “When I arrived I was advised I needed some XXXX, you have some?”

Mr Obama took the opportunity to denounce the downing of MH17, offering his support to those affected.

Barack Obama, US President: “As your ally and friend, America shares the grief of Australian families and we share the determination of your nation for justice and accountability.”

But the focus of his speech was the need for immediate action on climate change, referencing the pact signed by the US and China earlier this week to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Barack Obama, US President: “If China and the US can agree on this, then the world can agree on this and we can get this done and it is necessary to get this done.”

For those in the audience the experience was something they won’t forget.

VOX 1: “It was amazing he’s such a great public speaker I think everyone in there was just so excited to see him in person and hear everything he had to say.”

VOX 2: “It was a really, really great experience I mean you see him, you watch his speeches on YouTube but I don’t think anything can beat actually being in his presence here and hearing him in person.”

The President left the stage to cheers and a standing ovation.

Georgia Terry, QUT News.