It was dubbed G20 Protest Day.

There were 13 separate protests, stretching from South Bank to Roma Street.

Jim Malo reports.


There have never been this many demonstrations in one day.

The main action was down at Roma Street.

Thousands turned out to protest Aboriginal issues, swelling their numbers to four times yesterday’s turnout.

Lex Wotton, Activist: “Actually made me feel a lot more prouder than what I’d even felt over the years.”

They want to know why, the body they call the ‘Genocidal 20’ continues to ignore the plight of the poor.

Robin Taubenfeld, Protest Organiser: “I’m very concerned at the moment that every single declared nuclear state is sitting at the table right now, pointing nuclear weapons at each other, while discussing macro economics.”

With the emotions running as hot as the temperature, the protesters made sure their voice was heard through the now, nearly empty streets of Brisbane, it’s going to be a long fight and it’s not over yet.

Despite the anger, there were few arrests.

Two protesters were taken to police headquarters for carrying banned items.

A third, reportedly arrested for wearing a mask.

In King George Square, Ukrainian Australians staged a powerful protest.

Accusing Russia’s President of having blood on his hands over the incursion into Ukraine, and the downing of flight MH17.

At South Bank, the pro-capitalist movement wanted the G20 to consider free trade as a means of bettering the world.

Ben Riley, Young LNP President: “Resist protectionism and free the markets.”

While across the river at Gardens Point, 1000 paper boats were launched for asylum seekers.

Jim Malo, QUT News.