The G20 isn’t all about the world’s most influential political figures.

Today, their spouses stepped out for a meet and greet at Lone Pine Sanctuary.

Vanessa Wolfe reports.


The Brisbane heat couldn’t keep the G20 partners indoors.

Dressed for the weather, they were ready to make the most of some of our most popular Australians.

But not the human kind, taking a walk on the furry side of Brisbane.

Laureen Harper, Canadian First Lady: “Where I’m from it’s about minus 30 so we’re very happy to be plus 30.”

The spouses revelled at the chance to meet a non-venomous snake, and wild birds.

Some were more comfortable with the idea than others.

Geerhui Windels, European Council President’s Wife: “Well, I’m a biologist so I’m fine with it.”

It was smiles all round for the cuddlier side of the G20.

And one local who won the visitors over was Major, this three-year-old Koala.

Bronagh Key, New Zealand Prime Minister’s Wife: “They’re pretty docile, aren’t they?”

The event showcased iconic native wildlife in an effort to demonstrate the work being done for the conservation of native Australian animals.

Vanessa Wolfe, QUT News.