Australia’s treatment of the Barrier Reef has been questioned in the lead up to the G20.

National and international media took the chance to call out the State Government on its actions.

Georgia Terry reports.


It was a warm hello from the Lord Mayor.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “I welcome you here this morning to what is the G20.”

Then it was down to business.

The International Media Centre was buzzing with press from around the world, and already they were asking the tough questions.

The State Government was on the defensive over its handling of the Great Barrier Reef.

Andrew Powell, Environment Minister: “There won’t be a full environmental impact assessment and that’s been a decision made by the Federal Government.”

“Between the Federal and State Government holistically there’s some $180 million spent on the protecting and managing of the Great Barrier Reef each and every year.”

From today the International Media Centre will fill up as the world press descends on Brisbane for this weekend’s summit.

For most, it’s the beginning of a long weekend, some taking the opportunity to rest while they can.

VOX 1: It’s the place where all the politicians come, it’s the place the political issues are decided, maybe we can have some breakthroughs.”

VOX 2: “The media centre is extremely well prepared, it’s a very positive impression.”

VOX 3: “Very beautiful, the views and the lovely people, amazing.”

Over the next two days, the focus turns to the economy as the formal summit begins.

Georgia Terry, QUT News.