In response to the trickle of world leaders descending into Brisbane, a torrent of protesters have hit the street with their own agenda.

Hundreds of people rallied against Aboriginal deaths in custody, with tempers often flaring under the close watch of police.

Joseph Cooney reports.


Up to 500 people marched through the streets of the CBD, with protesters upset at what they say is a lack of justice after Aboriginal deaths in police custody.

VOX 1: “This to us is a terroristic bloody act!”

VOX 2: “We need to stop this, not us, but they need to because it’s under their system.”

The march began at Roma Street Parklands and made its way to Musgrave Park, just a stone’s throw from where the world’s most powerful leaders will meet over the weekend.

The rally is one of many planned to coincide with the G20, but police say they shouldn’t interfere with the Summit itself.

Comm Ian Stewart, QPS: “There is no credible intelligence to indicate that these protests will be violent, however, should a protest become violent or destructive, the Queensland Police Service will take swift and immediate action.”

For now, the police themselves are being policed.

Independent Legal Observers are stationed at protest events ensuring things don’t get too out of hand.

Camielle Donaghey, Independent Legal Observers Project: “Their role is to really stay independent and watch and record the interactions between police and members of the public.”

If today’s rally is a precursor of what’s to come in the next few days, they might have a tough job on their hands.

Protesters: “They say justice, we say murder!”

With the eyes of the world on Brisbane at the moment, these people know there’ll never be a better time to have their voices heard, and they’re not the only ones with a different G20 agenda.”

At South Bank, protesters were decked out as lifeguards, with oversized fibreglass heads.

Barack Obama gave the thumbs-up alongside his British counterpart David Cameron and our own Tony Abbott.

The protest was organised by Oxfam to draw attention to what it calls the ‘rising tide’ of global inequality.

While smiles all round, G20 organisers can only hope future protests are as light hearted.

Joseph Cooney, QUT News.