Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey says growth and jobs is Australia’s key focus for G20.

He made the comments as he toured some of Brisbane’s G20 venues today.

Whitney Angell reports.


Treasurer Joe Hockey says we’re prepared.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “Australia is ready to host the most powerful delegation in the world.”

Just days out from the leaders’ summit, the world’s two biggest polluters, China and America, announced a plan to slash their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The Treasurer says while climate change isn’t on the agenda, it will be discussed.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “There will be no single issue that distracts leaders or anyone else from the task of delivering on growth and jobs.”

However, Mr Hockey says a main focus will be Ebola.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “It is a risk to the African economy, as it is a risk to the world economy.”

It was welcome news for South African media where tourism is struggling.

Archibald Jkaneng, South Africa Broadcast Corporation: “It offers hope for people, I’m a journalist in South Africa myself, we know how devastating economically this disease has been.”

Charities like Oxfam hope the talking translates into action.

Steve Price-Thomas, Oxfam: “Very much hope that G20 will take those words and build up on them.”

Whitney Angell, QUT News.