Welcome to our first QUT News special on the G20, the global summit that will showcase Brisbane to the world, brought to you by a team of journalism students from QUT.

Brisbane is in full G20 security lockdown. Thousands of police are patrolling the streets, many public transport routes have been suspended and summit venues and city hotels, are barricaded off.

Months of planning was put to the test today as the majority of G20 delegates began arriving. But the security cordon is not just on land, it’s on the water as well.

As a curtain raiser for G20, some non-political thinkers have come to Brisbane to share ideas for future innovation. It’s all part of a conversation happening at the Global Cafe.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey says growth and jobs is Australia’s key focus for G20. He made the comments as he toured some of Brisbane’s G20 venues today.

The international media centre kicked off with Queensland showcasing what we have to offer. The main event, the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

QUT News G20 Special is brought to you by Celeste Skinner, Georgia Terry, Jim Malo and Whitney Angell.