Chocolate lovers have used it as an excuse for decades; eating chocolate, they say, is good for you.

Now a Monash university study has revealed that actually a serving of chocolate every day can be healthy.

Saffi Kerezsy reports.


Research has provided exciting news for chocolate lovers.

A Monash University study revealed a serving of chocolate every day can be healthy.

Every Australian with a sweet tooth will be delighted by the news.

Eating chocolate each day may reduce the chance of strokes and heart attacks, two of the country’s big killers.

Dark chocolate is healthier because of the higher percentage of cocoa and chocolate lovers claim it tastes great and makes you happy too.

Jan Ter Heerdt, Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates: “As soon as you have a piece of chocolate, it just puts a big smile on your face, makes you happy.”

A Monash University study says chocolate can help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure because of the antioxidants in it, particularly those varieties with 70 to 80 per cent cocoa content.

Prof Christopher Reid, Monash University: “Not all chocolates are the same and so when we’re talking, we’re talking specifically about dark chocolate.”

Lighter versions and milk chocolates don’t have the same polyphenols, the other name for antioxidants.

It’s been suggested dark chocolate may one day be prescribed by doctors to improve health conditions.

For now, the news is just another excuse to treat yourself.

But researchers say, like nearly everything else, you should only indulge in moderation.

Saffi Kerezsy, QUT News.