The Gold Coast seaway is looking strikingly blue today but it’s not what you might think.

Jellyfish have taken over the broadwater and are heading to the canals.

Kane Burgess reports.


The Gold Coast is facing an invasion.

Blue blubber jellyfish have swarmed to the Southport seaway competing with boaties for right of way.

After bobbing up a few days ago, the creatures are now floating around the foreshore.

Paul Burt, Marine Expert: “You will find them moving with the currents particularly through the seaway up into Nerang river and then they’ll get caught up in the canals.”

They’re also moving in at the marina.

Vox 1: “One or two on the beach yesterday but there’s a lot in here.”

Vox 2: “Man they’re just coming up between the boats everywhere.”

No one knows how many of the jellyfish have taken the trip. Conservative estimates suggest, lots.

Researchers believe we may not see an influx like this for 10 years.

Dr Kylie Pitt, Griffith University: “This species, it’ll give you a bit of a mild sting but its not dangerous.And so if you get the opportunity to have a snorkel with them have a good look at them, they’re absolutely beautiful.”

If you’re that game, there’ll be no shortage of opportunities in the Broadwater.

Kane Burgess, QUT News.