Brisbane had an early taste of G20-style security today.

US Ambassador John Berry came to town flanked by security agents.

Berry’s here to discuss sharing local innovations.

Francis Dela Cruz reports.


US agents in dark suits, armed with guns, were first to enter a building at QUT’s Gardens Point.

The Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey joined Ambassador Berry along with key university and business leaders for a round table think-tank.

John Berry, US Ambassador: “Our alliance with Australia is deep and long and we are really excited to be here in Queensland especially at QUT.”

Today’s talks were about advanced technology with representatives from Boeing, GE and Lockheed Martin.

He’s confident the world’s most powerful man will lap up what Brisbane has to offer.

John Berry, US Ambassador: “I wish the President could be around to see some of the, some of the rugby that’ll be coming up.”

Already Brisbane is well on the way to preparing for the biggest security operation this country has ever witnessed.

There’s no doubt Australia’s role in combating the Islamic State threat will be high on the agenda.

John Berry, US Ambassador: “Together in the Middle East we are partners with a broader coalition of many nations coming together to take on terrorism and not allow terrorists to have their way and sway in the Middle East.”

Today’s security presence follows last week’s practice exercise to escort dignitaries when they arrive next month.

But for now the focus is on innovation.

Francis Dela Cruz, QUT News.