If last night in Sydney was chaos, today, it was sheer hard work.

Weary emergency crews were out again, alongside residents cleaning up the mess.

Airports and roads may now be open but authorities are asking people to stay away, until order is restored.

Francis Dela Cruz reports.


Cars and lives turned upside down.

Last night’s sudden deluge, slammed into the Nissan Dualis, lifting it off the driveway, pushing it through two fences before catapaulting it into the storm water drain.

Asssessing the aftermath this morning, residents relived the drama.

Vox 1: “There’s a big crack, and a big loud crack in the garage and about 10 seconds later the garage door burst through with water and within seconds it was up to my knees.”

Emergency crews have begun the huge task of cleaning up the mess.

It could take weeks.

The SES received more than 1600 calls in just a few hours.

Mark Morrow, NSW SES: “We’re about halfway through, so we’ve done about 850. So, probably another 800 or so that we’re looking at, at the moment. Some of those, as I said, probably won’t require assistance now.”

Power crews kept busy, restoring power to 14,000 homes and removing fallen trees.

The one in 100 year storm took residents by surprise.

Gamel Kamel: “I’ve lived 30 years in Australia, first time I saw that and the lights coming off too for hours.”

Strong winds and powerful surf conditions are expected well into Thursday.

Francis Dela Cruz, QUT News.