Police are warning G20 protesters that violent elements could infiltrate and hijack their peaceful demonstrations.

The number of known protest groups has tripled in the last week.

Celeste Skinner reports.


Protests were the main issue at today’s G20.

twenty-one ‘peaceful’ protest groups already have registered with police for the event.

But there’s the possibility unknown groups could turn up and they may not be as friendly.

Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll: “So if we know of protestors and even if we don’t know of protestors, we do extraordinarly comprehensive planning to ensure that doesn’t impact on the event.”

Police believe keeping a strong communication line will keep the groups calm.

Bad news for businesses in the G20 precinct.

Executive Director of the G20, Terry Crane confirmed there would be no compensation.

Terry Crane, Executive Director, G20: “It is what it is, it’s a public holiday and yes public holiday penalty rates apply on the day. But our firm view is there will be a long term benefit to businesses within Brisbane.”

The Premier was in South Brisbane today, viewing a special community art project for the G20.

The colourful dinosaur was crocheted by people across the state and there’ll be plenty more public events leading up to the summit.

Plans for the G20 have been finalised.

However they may be subject to change closer to the event if security needs to be updated.

Celeste Skinner, QUT News.