A dramatic police raid, on Brisbane’s north-side early this morning.

Officers set up a command post outside two caravan parks.

Dozens of uniformed police then blocked access and began searching for drugs and illegal squatters.

Caitlin Parker reports.


It was a hectic scene this morning when police swooped on Aspley Acre’s and nearby Alpha caravan parks.

Officially they labelled the operation a crackdown on ‘anti-social behaviour’ and squatting.

Douglas Cassidy, Resident: “Oh just violence and there’s just drug addicts. Just people f**king fighting over s**t. They’re alcoholics just the whole lot.”

They executed eight search warrants and made a number of arrests.

Police discovered a knife in one resident’s car and seized what appeared to be drug paraphernalia.

Police say their actions were, for the most part, met with cooperation by the residents.

Insp David Jackman, Qld Police: “Most of the residents here are very supportive of us being here today. That’s what I’ve been getting told from the officers doing the job. Those that are unhappy are those probably arrested.”

Residents say the parks are hot spots, one claiming police officers are there nearly every day.

A local coffee shop owner said the park is a haven for people down on their luck.

Adam James, Coffee Shop Owner: “A lot of people who are here, they’re not. They’ve ended up here and they can’t escape it. So it’s up to us as a community to really solve this together.”

Jason Bernard, Former Resident: “But I call it the graveyard once you’re in there’s no way of getting back out of it mate.”

Police won’t say how many people they’ve charged and the park’s owner was not available for comment.

Caitlin Parker, QUT News.