Push bike riders came together today, to celebrate national Ride to Work day.

And their message? Using a pushie doesn’t just have physical benefits, it’s good for the environment too.

Mercy Bass reports.


Around 300 peddlers gathered for the traditional Ride to Work breakfast at the Law Court Plaza.

They refuelled with orange juice, coffee and some tasty treats.

It’s an annual show of strength about an alternative way of commuting.

Ben Wilson, CEO Bicycle Queensland: “Rather than preaching the converted, we’re trying to preach the unconverted and let them know that by riding a bike they’ll have a great time, they’ll get to work healthy and happy.”

The organisers estimate that about 20 per cent of these people are first-time riders.

And safety was high on today’s breakfast menu.

Scott Emerson, Transport Minister: “Roads do seem to be safer to share, there seems to be an attitude change out there from motorists particularly to understand that cyclists do have the right to be on the roads.”

The event is held every year and shows that pedal power is getting more and more popular.

One of the growing aspects seen this year are the electric bikes, that give riders a qicker, easier way of cycling to work.

So steep hills and long distances are no longer excuses for not using two wheels.

Nick Willis, Bike Shop Owner: “It’s like having a professional cyclist pushing you from behind. So it makes a massive difference.”

They’re not cheap but if you’re keen to cycle you can get started on a normal bike for the price of a tank of fuel.

Mercy Bass, QUT News.