A rally to highlight the causes and consequences of poverty and hardship was held at QUT Garden’s Point today.

It coincided with a special event giving struggling students a helping hand.

Jordan Cannon reports.


The peaceful protests were aimed at bringing awareness to those who have been forced to live in shelters due to poverty and abuse.

Gabrielle Short says once in this cycle it’s hard to break free.

Gabrielle Short, Campaigner: “Ever since they got out of institutions they have virtually remained on the streets. So they’ve kind of been trapped in the poverty trap.”

An advocate for the homeless, Colleen Stevenson says those on the streets due to poverty deserve better treatment.

Colleen Stevenson, Advocate: “They need their own housing and stuff like that and they need rights and all this dental stuff.”

QUT’s Get Help, Help Yourself and Help Others campaign aims to assist students affected financially.

150 free meals were handed out today, donated by the nearby food court.

Nearly 10% of the Brisbane population are below the poverty line making this a prominent issue. Events like these highlight the hardships experienced by those affected.

Donna Hues from QUT’s counselling services says many students are doing it tough.

Donna Hues, QUT Welfare Officer: “Some students who are surviving on mainly Centrelink payments find it quite difficult to manage financially so managing paying rent and buying food and those sort of aspects.”

Anti-Poverty week events will continue until Friday.

Jordan Cannon, QUT News.