Rugby League star Jarryd Hayne broke down today as he revealed he’s quitting the NRL.

His decision to head to America, and the NFL, caught everyone by surprise.

Tobi Loftus reports.


Hayne may be one of the tough men of Origin, but this morning, it was tears, not cheers as he dropped the bombshell.

He’s leaving, to test his skills in Grid Iron.

Jarryd Hayne, NRL Star: “Deep down everyone’s excited. You know, it’s a huge step and something that has never been done before and I’m taking ground where no one has ever taken ground before and I’m risking a lot, putting a lot on the line but there is no real risk and no reward so.”

Breaking the news to his Parramatta coach, was difficult.

So was talking about it today.

Jarryd Hayne, NRL Star: “That was tough. That was harder than calling anyone else. My mum, my dad, telling Scott, That was the hardest. It’s like mate I’ve set myself a dream and I wanna go chase it. I want to have your blessing behind it mate cause I couldn’t do it without you.”

Hayne recently went to Seattle, attending an NFL game there.

He’s dreamed of breaking into American football, but is heading overseas without a contract.

Hayne’s withdrawn from the Kangaroos’ Four Nations squad.

And while Parramatta’s released him to chase this goal, there’s a lifetime agreement with the Sydney club to come home to.

Tobi Loftus, QUT News.