Calls today for the Heart Foundation to ditch its “Tick of Approval” program.

Protestors have already collected more than 54,000 petitions.

And they say, there’ll be no tick from them, until the Foundation makes major changes.

Francis Dela Cruz reports.


Escorted by police and wearing their heart on their sleeves today, a more unusual group of protestors marched towards Gregory Terrace.

Calling on the Heart Foundation to change its nutritional advice, the group was armed with posters, shirts and strollers in tow and made its way to the Foundation’s Brisbane headquarters.

Criticisms include that the criteria for earning a tick is too loose and easily manipulated.

The group wants to raise awareness about what it claims is an outdated program.

Jessie Reimers, Protest Organiser: “All of the nutrition advice needs to be revised and reversed and brought into line with 2014 science.”

Among the protestors, some of the Heart Foundation’s very own.

Tahlene Gadaloff, Heart Foundation Volunteer: “I believe they run some fantastic programs, but when it comes to the Heart Foundation tick I just don’t agree that they have the correct information.”

The group was soon joined by author David Gillespie.

He also wants the Foundation to ditch the tick.

David Gillespie, Author: “It’s the Heart Foundation lending its health halo, lending its endorsement to products which really we shouldn’t being told to eat.”

Today’s march follow an announcement by the Heart Foundation last week.

As reported by QUT News, its CEO said the Foundation would review its tick program.

Welcomed by health experts, it’s expected to be complete by the end of 2015.

The petition is now in the hands of the Foundation and it’s hoped their heart is in the right place.

With more than 50,000 signatures, these mums, dads and kids hope their actions can make a change.

Francis Dela Cruz, QUT News.