The State Government is pushing ahead with a $10 million campaign to save lives in school zones.

Motorists approaching Newmarket State School will now be warned to slow down, with highly visible flashing lights.

Kane Burgess reports.


It’s part of the Premier’s electorate and he was on hand to showcase how school children here will benefit from a safer environment.

Like Newmarket, another 150 schools will have flashing lights installed before the next election.

Campbell Newman, Premier: “We committed to rolling out at least 300 of these special flashing lights to ensure that people knew where the school zones were around Queensland.”

It appears to be working, there’s been no road fatalities in Queensland school zones this year.

However according to the Transport Minister not all drivers are obeying the law.

Twenty eight thousand motorists were booked for speeding in school zones last year.

Minister Emerson says continuing the rollout into 2015 will give drivers no excuse.

And he believes it’s money well spent.

Scott Emerson, Transport Minister: “We will meet our target about a year ahead of schedule. And that’s great news. Because it does make schools safer.”

The lights operate between seven and nine in the morning and two until four in the afternoon.

Kane Burgess, QUT News.