What started as a joke has ended with a Melbourne family making quite a profit on the sale of their home.

But the added extra in the deal, is not what you would expect!

Mercy Bass Reports.


Fran and Michael Perceval’s Glen Iris home went to auction last Saturday passing in at $2.06 million.

As the agent tried to finalise the sale the bidder told him their daughter had fallen in love with the Perceval’s 4-year-old cat Tiffany, who was lounging around during the inspection day.

Fran and Michael then jokingly said they would include the cat with the house, if the bidder offered their asking price of 2.2 million dollars.

To the surprise of everyone the bidder accepted.

The Perceval’s say they’ll be sad to say goodbye to their pet but she would have wanted to stay in the neighbourhood.

Michael Perceval: “There’s a cat next door called Coco, that you know they’ll look over the fence at each other and hang around.”

And Tiffany will be in safe hands with the new owners.

Fran Perceval: “The cat will be going to a family with a younger child who will take great care of her.”

The Percevals still have two months with Tiffany, before they move to their new home.

Mercy Bass, QUT News.