The teenager filmed allegedly spitting on a train security officer during a racial rant, was granted bail this morning despite police objections.

The man faced seven charges including assault occasioning bodily harm.

Myles Holley reports.


Seventeen year old Abdel-Kader Russell-Boumzar was granted bail under strict conditions.

They include that he continue to live with his parents, report to police and only leave the house with parental supervision unless he’s attending court, work or seeing his lawyer.

He’s also not allowed near Queensland Rail infrastructure, the victim or the other defendant, Bailey Clout, who pled guilty to creating a nuisance on a railway.

Magistrate Bronwyn Springer described the boy’s behaviour as disgusting and questioned his intention to dispute the spitting charge.

It’s alleged the victim asked the accused to take their feet off train seats at Indooroopilly on October 2.

What ensued was a tirade of abuse and racial slurs the video was posted online and quickly went viral.

The victim was applauded for his calm reaction in the face of such abuse.

Daniel Chut, Victim’s Friend: “That’s his job, you know, he’s a professional at what he does and I’m happy he did that. If I was there, I would have taken everything in my own and deal with the judge in court.”

Late this afternoon Mr Russell-Boumzar emerged from the watch-house.

Abdel-Kader Russell-Boumzar, Accused: “I would like to give an apology to the bloke on the train and to everyone that was offended by my video.”

The matter is expected back in court on November 3.

Myles Holley, QUT News.