Queenslanders could soon see their electricity bills go down.

The Newman Government’s proposing a $3.5 billion sweetener just in time for the State election.

They say it’s to offset Labor’s costly solar bonuses.

Celeste Skinner reports.


It was the scheme to help the environment.

But the Solar Bonus Scheme hasn’t been helping consumer’s wallets with the costs being added to their electricity bill.

Premier Campbell Newman says those days may soon be over with the introduction of another scheme The Strong Choices Electricity Price Relief.

Mark McArdle, Energy Minister: “At the end of the day this is about relief for Queenslanders. The Solar Bonus Scheme was adding large licks of dollars every year to power bills.”

While the government is looking to reduce the cost of electricity in the future, it is here in the home where people are suffering.

Mark Bates, United Care Community: “What we’ve seen over the past probably three or four years, people are much more savvy in terms of their electricity uses.”

Mr Bates says people are constantly struggling with their electricity bills and will continue to unless the price is lowered.

Caroline Roberts, Pensioner: “You’re not even game to have your fans on, or your lights on. I sit in the dark at night at times because of the light.”

Steve Dyson, Pensioner: “I get stressed and very depressed and very agitated and panic attacks if I haven’t got the funds there when I’ve got to pay for my bills which are due.”

The scheme could see significant savings for households over a five year period.

For a frugal single person they can expect a saving of $300.

A couple is likely to save $430.

And a family with two children can expect $860 off their power bill.

Of course, the scheme is dependent on the Government being in power after the next election.

Celeste Skinner, QUT News.