A new Australian domestic airline is about to take off, flying in the face of a financial down-turn for other carriers.

Called JET-GO it will be based in Brisbane and connect passengers flying from Sydney to regional Queensland centres.

Tobi Loftus reports.


The JET-GO launch comes at a time when major established airlines like Qantas are doing it tough and having to dramatically cut costs to try and remain profitable.

The orange logo airline will begin operating with two Brazillian built jet Embraer aircraft seating 36 passengers.

Paul Bredereck, Jet-Go Managing Director: “We’re much faster, offering point to point services that bypass the hubs at Sydney and Brisbane, it’s a jet compared to a turbo-prop, so it’s more comfortable, quieter and has historically a better safety record.”

Even before the airline is airborne JET-GO boss is planning to expand his fleet with three slightly larger Embraer 140s.

Paul Bredereck, Jet-Go Managing Director: “Well the jet is a lot quieter to ride in, by being faster it also climbs faster and gets above the turbulence in some ways much quicker and it gets to the destination 65% faster than a comparable turbo-prop.”

Over seven million people rely on regional airlines like JET-GO each year, with the majority of passengers being fly-in, fly-out workers, who JET-GO are hoping to attract.

JET-GO will begin services from Sydney to Roma on the tenth of November, and to Gladstone in December.

Tobi Loftus, QUT News.