With the Summer storm season just weeks away many Queenslanders aren’t prepared for emergencies.

So, a new TV advertising campaign was launched today, urging people to get ready.

Kane Burgess reports.


The Government and RACQ joining forces in a public display in King George Square to ram home with the main message: Get Ready and prepare.

David Crisafulli Community Recovery Minister: “If a category four or five comes over your town, you need to be ready. And the time to get ready is now.”

A global El Nino pattern means Queensland will typically experience drier conditions this summer.

That means the conditions are perfect for bushfires but it’s the unpredictable nature of wild storms that are the main concern.

Rob Webb, Bureau of Meteorology: “They can strike quickly and it’s important to know what you’ll do. Do your planning in blue skies don’t wait for the thunder around you to know what you might do if your house starts to get into trouble.”

The Queensland Government wants Get Ready Week to serve as a reminder to prepare for what mother nature can deliver.

Families like here in Toowong and in Paddington two suburbs away had homes impacted by the 2011 floods.

The RACQ has also fitted out a van that it can take to disaster areas to provide emergency supplies of food and water.

Paul Turner RACQ: “RACQ’s mobile member centre is designed as part of the disaster relief package. It will go in with government obviously, emergency services and hopefully provide some assistance.”

And the van will be touring danger areas to to spread the Get Ready message.

Kane Burgess, QUT News.