Some of Brisbane’s young residents are stepping in to help the homeless.

They are giving up their own time to do some good in the community.

Tom Sharman reports.


They call themselves Orange Sky.

And they want to help those who have trouble helping themselves by washing their laundry.

Lucas Patchett, Co-founder of Orange Sky: “We saw a need in the community, there’s an abundance of food vans around, that was the original idea, to do another food van, but we thought we could make a bigger difference by doing something else.”

Orange Sky is a unique organisation, helping Brisbane’s less fortunate.

They have only been around for a while, but they’re already starting to make a difference.

The Orange Sky van is a purpose built, mobile laundry, which the Co-founders Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett, say is a necessary service.

David Tubb, Director at Orange Sky: “It’s a small change and it’s important to note, were really building on all the great work that a number of all the food and coffee vans do already in Brisbane and were just another small drop in the ocean, but I think you know, the ocean’s better off for our drop.”

The two 20-year-old Co-founders paid for the van and generator.

The washing machines and dryers were donated by a local company.

The service has already had a positive impact.

Geordan Farrar: “I think it’s a great idea, like, because people go to, you know clothes bins and stuff. They wear it for one day, it gets dirty and they throw it away, so instead of wasting that, they can actually wash their clothes. So I think it’s an awesome set up.”

If you would like help more information is available on orange sky

Tom Sharman, QUT News.